About us

Wear Me by radhaji is a feeling followed by me (Richa), an accountant by profession but designer by passion. By Radhaji’s blessings, my childhood stubbornness of wearing only choicest of clothes/jewelry and taking inspiration from praise of 2 fellow customers for my self-designed jewelry and costume at Zara, Regent Street London in 2010, pushed me to leave my corporate job and pursue my passion as a profession.

Since then it has been an eventful and wonderful journey where there is no tiredness, no stress even after working continuously on orders for days, but getting out with an urge to do something different, better for my beautiful customers. I believe in taking feedback very seriously and quality and safety of my customers comes first before anything else – when I say safety we ensure all our products are made from best available materials with no lead/nickel used in the making or polish. However, if you have a history of allergy/reaction even to real/semi-precious jewelry, my suggestion to my customers is to avoid buying/wearing Jewelry.

My mantra’s for my beautiful customer are–

  1. Be what you are;
  2. Follow your own style;
  3. Wear what you think looks good on you, and that
  4. You are the most beautiful women in the universe J

Thank you Radhaji for being there with me always.