About us

Wear Me by RADHAJI is a feeling followed by me Richa, as a devotee of Radha Rani.

The vision of our business is rooted in a deep desire to serve society. We recognize that true success lies in creating positive and sustainable change for the communities we serve. Our purpose goes beyond profit, as we strive to address issues through supporting good quality education, medical needs and creating employment opportunities to create a positive change in the livelihood of people in need.

Our brand has gained widespread recognition and our creations have been featured in prestigious fashion magazines, worn by celebrities, and showcased in renowned exhibitions. Our commitment to excellence and ability to establish strong relationships with clients have earned us a loyal customer base who eagerly anticipate our new collections.

We believe in taking feedback very seriously and quality and safety of our customers comes first before anything else. When we mention safety, we ensure all our products are made from best available materials with no lead/nickel used in the making or polish. However, if our customers have a history of allergy/reaction even to real/semi-precious jewelry, our suggestion is to avoid wearing Jewelry.

About us

Richa Goel (Brand Owner and Creative head)

Blessed by Radhaji's divine grace, my unwavering determination as a child to wear only the most exquisite garments and jewelry led me to transition from a successful accounting professional to a passionate jewelry designer. What began as a mere passion soon became my chosen profession, allowing me to express my creativity and love for aesthetics through the art of jewelry design.

After pursuing my post-graduation degree in Accounting, I had always been drawn to the artistry and craftsmanship of jewelry design since my childhood. I had spent my spare time experimenting with different materials, creating beautiful pieces for self and the loved ones. The positive feedback received encouraged me to consider turning my passion into a full-time profession.

For me, there is no tiredness, no stress even after working continuously on orders for days, but getting out with an urge to do something different, better for my beautiful customers. My mantras for our beautiful customer’s are–

  1. Be what you are;
  2. Follow your own style;
  3. Wear what you think looks good on you, and that
  4. You are the most beautiful women in the universe

Ritu Gupta (Head - Operations and Marketing)

Ritu Gupta, an IIM Ahemdabad alumni, has seamlessly combined her business acumen with her love for jewelry as a head of operations and marketing of Wear ME. With her strong educational background and a deep understanding of finance, marketing, and strategy, Ritu has played a pivotal role in propelling the brand to new heights.

Drawing upon her extensive knowledge, Ritu has brought a fresh perspective to the jewelry business, introducing innovative designs and appealing to a diverse clientele. Her strategic approach to market analysis and consumer behavior has enabled the brand to stay ahead of trends and capture new opportunities.

Ritu places great emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. She ensures that every piece of jewelry reflects the brand's commitment to excellence, from the selection of precious gemstones to the final finishing touches. Beyond her role in the business, Ritu Gupta is driven by a sense of social responsibility. She actively promotes sustainable and ethical practices in the industry, forging partnerships with suppliers who adhere to fair trade principles and environmentally conscious practices.