Jewelry care

The best way to keep any jewelry beautiful is to wear it!

Silver Care Instructions

Over time, any sterling silver jewelry piece exposed to air will tarnish. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. It’s the other metals, primarily copper, that cause sterling silver to tarnish. 

The copper reacts to moisture and sulfur in the air, causing the tarnishing reaction. Silver tarnishes faster in areas with high humidity and air pollution. Chemicals like hairspray, perfume, deodorant, body lotion, bleach, etc., can speed up the tarnishing process. Be also mindful to keep silver away from rubber, vinegar, olives and fruit juice.

Here are some tips on how to help prevent tarnishing on your silver jewelry and pieces from happening in the first place:

  • Store your sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dark place away from sources of sunlight, heat and moisture. To reduce scratching and tarnishing, store your pieces individually in small zip-lock plastic bags, removing as much air as possible. You may also want to put a small strip of anti-tarnish paper in each bag with the jewelry.
  • Don’t leave silver jewelry in the bathroom unprotected, and do not wear it the shower, swimming pool or hot tub. Humidity and moisture can make tarnish appear faster!
  • After taking off your silver jewelry, clean it with a dry soft cloth, or polishing cloth, before putting it back into an airtight container.
  • If the polishing cloth doesn’t remove all the tarnish, wash silver jewelry (without gemstones or pearls) in warm water with a few drops of mild dish washing liquid. Immerse the sterling silver in the water and gently hand wash. Use a cotton swab for tight corners, or soft baby toothbrush can be used for more abrasive cleaning if needed.
  • If the jewelry contains gemstones or pearls, do not submerge the entire piece into water. Instead, use a cotton swab with mild dish washing liquid to wash only the silver.
  • Thoroughly rinse your pieces after washing, and completely dry the sterling silver before storing, as moisture is one of the factors that contribute to tarnishing.
  • We do not recommend using toothpaste or baking soda for cleaning as it may scratch the surface of the silver. Do not use harsh chemicals such as bleach, acetone, etc, to clean your silver because they can make silver more dull, and ruin the surface.


Brass based Jewelry care Instructions

Wear Me provides best quality polish on its products free from harmful materials. We suggest to follow some useful tips as under to ensure jewelry stays beautiful for a very long period of time :

Keep your jewelry clean and dry

It is important that you keep your jewelry dry and safe to keep its luster and beauty intact for a longer time. Be it earrings, necklace, ring, or bangle, if the jewellery is exposed to any type of cream, chemical product, perfume, lotion, or even water, then it automatically tarnishing gets accelerated.

Remove your jewelry where there’s no use for it

Fashion jewelry is meant to be worn occasionally and it must be used that way only. Daily usage may tarnish it at a greater pace. So, avoid wearing it unnecessarily to avoid tarnishing or suffering from any other damages.

Store your jewelry carefully

The best way to store fashion jewelry is by keeping them separately in cotton or velvet pouches to prevent them breaking, tangling, or tarnishing. You can also hang the necklaces vertically on hooks so that they are separate from each other.

Never apply nail polish coats on your jewelry

You would often find people recommending using nail polish to maintain the luster of fashion jewelry. However, coating may actually lead to tarnishing its shine or it may result in peeling of the plating as it gets off the jewelry.

Clean your jewelry after using it

To remove the product residues of perfume, cream or even water that might up accidently landed up on your jewelry, you must always make it a habit to clean it before putting it back to its place. It may sound laborious, but then to make your jewelry last longer, you’ve to put in some extra efforts, don’t you?

Happy shopping !